MYMUG feels like ceramic, but is virtually unbreakable.

Drop Without Fear

"I love how close to ceramic the material feels."


"The mug feels weirdly satisfying in the hand."


"Its nice when function and form are one."


"I'm blown away."


"Holy cow this thing feels tough."



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No more fear of dropping. No more bottom ponding. No more clunky handles.

100-day trial with no questions asked returns.

About the founder

Jon McLaughlin takes one last sip, then casually flings his MYMUG over the side of a balcony. “I like to see the look on people’s faces when I throw it,” he bemuses with a grin. “Total shock.”

As an industrial designer, Jon spent his life surprising old, tired buildings with new and lively ideas, until one day he poured himself a disappointing mug of soup. The handle shape was awkward, the heat-loss irksome, and the fragile object was one lid-less drop away from becoming a pile of sloppy shards. Close to 6,000 years after the common mug’s invention, Jon decided it was time to design something better.

Today, twenty prototypes and several balconies later, Jon’s MYMUG bounces twice then rests unscathed on the hard ground below. He smiles.

“All we ever need are elegant ideas,” he says. And, he’s right.