What is is made of?

MYMUGs are made of a 100% FDA approved food grade composite, and are BPA and BPS free. It was also tested by Microbac Laboratories to make sure it’s safe for consuming hot or cold beverages. Each MYMUG’s surface appearance is slightly different because of the blending of the composite materials.

Why does MYMUG exist?

Making Modern’s Founder, Jon McLaughlin, loves reinventing. He has spent decades applying the skills he learned at one of the world’s leading colleges of industrial design to reinventing old buildings. A few years ago, Jon realized that the common mug in use worldwide is based on a 6,000-year-old design, so in his seventh decade, he reinvented the mug. Partnering with a multi-talented team of Colorado professionals, Making Modern has made the ancient mug modern, and proved that it is never too late to update.

What was it like testing the durability of MYMUG

It is the most fun part of our job! We've thrown if off cliffs and run it over with our car, yet you can still drink from it. We've eliminated the fear of dropping it, and allow you to have a product that will last.

Who are the ideal MYMUG drinkers?

We've already gotten amazing feedback from specialty coffee drinkers; people who value objects that bring them joy; and people who live an adventurous lifestyle.

Does it tip over easily?

Because MYMUG’s center of gravity is so low - the major part of its weight is just above its base - it is remarkably stable.

What's next for Making Modern? Do you have plans for reinventing any other home or kitchenware items?

Our next step would be creating the ability to have custom prints on MYMUG's, and we may launch different styles of them as well.
Jon McLaughlin has at least 40 more ideas for kitchenware and home items that need to be reinvented. We feel like we are just getting started!

Where is Making Modern based?

Making Modern is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Why no handle?

Handles are for fingers, may be uncomfortable, on side of the contents, and give questionable control. MYMUG offers full hand comfy control under the contents, with insulation that lets you enjoy warm or cool from contents,.. and invites two handed embraces.

Does it have a lid?

Mugs don’t have lids, but MYMUG’s do! We will have an attractive, splash-resistant lid available for shipping in February. It will fit perfectly with your MYMUG, and it improves temperature retention. We will have two sizes; one that fits our 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz MYMUG’s; and one that fits our 4 oz MYMUG. To add a lid to your order, increase your total pledge amount by $5 per lid.
You can order your lid now with your 12 oz MYMUG and it will ship in February.

What are the details of the century guarantee?

Making Modern LLC offers a century guarantee on all Making Modern products, for all defects related to materials or manufacturing, and only for such defects, not for “change of heart” returns. We will replace all genuine guarantee claims, no matter in which century they are returned. This is not a marketing gimmick: this is just well designed product. Why such a confident guarantee policy? Our decades of design experience, manufacturing techniques, and time invested in testing Making Modern products gives us confidence that our products will last centuries, under normal recommended care. For our guarantee to remain valid our care instructions must be followed, and we do not replace abused products. Making Modern does not offer a money-back-no-questions-asked guarantee for 'change of heart' returns. We only replace products that are defective in materials or manufacturing. We will honour all legitimate guarantee returns received by our retailers. In America, we are happy for our customers to contact us directly with any genuine guarantee concerns, and we will replace any defectives directly (via courier exchange of defective product for new). All overseas purchases must be returned to the place of purchase. Any claims for 'change of heart' purchases from our retailers must be handled by our retailers. To check if a claim is deemed genuine, please email photos first to be sure (to avoid a lot of expensive postage if it is not): hello@makingmodern.com If you have a problem with a product please contact us first, and don't go to public social media with an attempted 'exposée' style post. The issue can probably be easily corrected. We have worked long and hard to develop truly well designed products, and we always show respect for our customers. We hope the feeling is mutual. If you have any questions about our guarantee policy or need to make a claim, please email: hello@makingmodern.com . We are more than happy to replace any genuine guarantee claim.